Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter and a little catch up

We spent Easter weekend with lots of family. We went to Huntingdon for a few days and then to Westminster for Easter weekend. Elsa was so happy to get to take a trip to the circus and then spend time playing with her cousins.

 Elsa and Lucy both tried the cotton candy and weren't really big fans of it...

 Good thing Alex was there to take care of it!

 We drove down to Westminster and saw lots of family.

 Alex & Jackie

Easter Egg Hunt

 This picture of Lucy running down the hill always makes me laugh...

 I took all the pictures off my phone to try and catch up on the daily happens of the girls....

 dress up

 a rare quiet moment with Lucy girl and Elsa the cat lady

 She worked on this little trick for a long time and had some success.

 GG got these super cute shirts for the girls. Alex's Cousin makes them. 

 The girls loved having Aunt Jessie here. They did tons of coloring with her.

One rainy day, we went and spent the gift card that Grandpa and Grandma got Lucy for her b-day. Lucy picked out a bubble blowing lawn mower. Anything that blows bubbles for me, is a great choice!

 Easter eggs in our jammies

 I had to document this...Alex taking care of Lucy's uni brow! She amazingly enough really liked getting this done. Then I had to have a serious talk about only mom and dad doing that. I am a little afraid, she might show up with missing eyebrows one day.

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You have the sweetest girls! But that last picture of Lucy made me die! What a funny girl.