Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Half way there....

We are just about half way through this pregnancy. We have (after much convincing from Alex ) decided to have the gender be a surprise,  but so far we have a healthy, very active baby in there.

Come February we will have 4 birthdays all in about a 2 week span.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elsa May Turns 5!

Our Elsa May turned 5 and her birthday happened to fall on Labor Day this year.  It was fun to all be home from work and school and spend time together. 

E requested we go out for breakfast so she could get smiley face chocolate chip pancakes. 

 Lucy had to get in on some of the birthday action!

 Love how excited she was about her gifts.

This year Elsa really wanted a party with friends. She was easy to please, in that all she requested was cake, friends to play with, and a pinata!

 We didn't to the pinata with a blindfold, which concerned Elsa, so she closed her eyes!

 E's friend Lila finally broke it and decapitated our unicorn!

 Mad rush for the loot!

 On Sunday we celebrated Andrew and Elsa's Birthday over at GG's

E blowing out the candles with Andrew makes me laugh every time!

 Elsa got some pretty fun gifts from GG and Grandpa

Had to throw this picture in. I snapped it for Alex one afternoon. The girls were being super goofy in Elsa's new dress up clothes! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Catch Up

Once again, this will be a long post with lots of pictures.

 Saturday Morning at the Dinosaur park

 Lucy Girl

 Grandpa going down the slide, E thought that was pretty cool.

 The girls loved walking along the tree stumps...

 E thought this one was shaped as a fish.

 Lucy had all sorts of fun on this little hill.

Especially rolling down it...

Grandpa and Julia

A few weeks back we visited Huntingdon and spent a day at the Lake. The girls loved it. 

 Lcuy held her hat the whole ride, worried it was going to blow off!

 Lucy was a little water baby, she loved jumping into the water.

Elsa spent a lot of time playing in the sand with some new friends she made.

 The girls love my parent's dogs.

 and Grandpa too!

For the 4th of July, we spent it with family here in Pittsburgh. We had plans to to to Carnegie Mellon for fireworks but we had a little accident and had to take E to the Emergency Room.

She cut her forehead pretty well and needed some stitches. She was such a a brave girl!

 Getting her all numbed up for the stitches.

Starting to feel much better!

We made it back in time for the last half of the firework show. Lucy was loving the fireworks with everyone.

The girls spend the next day laying low and having picnics outside in their jammies!