Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lucy Girl Turns 2!

I am really behind on this blog. So, I managed to finally get out two new blog posts. Be sure to check out the one below this one. It has some pretty classic videos of the girls!

My Lucy girl turned 2 in the beginning of February. It was pretty low key but lots of fun.

 Lucy loves balloons, so they were a must have.

 We got some ones that glow in the dark 
( I obviously didn't have right setting on my camera)

 her favorite thing to do with the balloons might have been to sit on them.

 This pop up toy is probably a little young for her but she loves it. She tries to see how fast she can pop them down and then toggle them back up.

We got her a cozy coupe. Her reaction at the 30 second mark of this video is pretty funny.

She was sure since the car didn't move on it's own the it was "broken"

We had cake over at GG's/Grandpa's House. Lucy loves blowing out the candles!

Catching Up....

 E writing out some Valentines

 This girl is a chronic teeth brusher. Loves it and does it too many times during the day.

 These two have been so silly with each other lately.

 Lucy is into everything thing these days. Especially fruit and water. Luckily painting with water helped control that a little.

 E finally got her lava lamp she'd been dreaming of!

 We took the girls to Eat n'Park one night for FHE. 
E gets so excited when she gets to go to a "real resturant with a real menu"

 Lucy loved the smiley cookie and especially the icing.
She was trying all kinds of tricks to get it off the cookie!

 Elsa was happy to bring back "snowy" the snowman
and Lucy was happy to eat lots of ice!

 Cori came to visit and the girls loved every minute of it. They spent a long time giving her a pretend hair cut!

 GG took us all to the zoo. It was fun seeing the scuba divers in the big tanks.

 Lucy now knows how to get in her crib and thinks she is pretty clever for doing so (must say, I am surprised she didnt figure this out earlier)

You never know what you will catch Elsa doing....

One Sunday evening, Alex was playing videos on his phone. Lion King came one and E went right to dancing. She is really good at that interpretative/lyrical dancing. Love her arm movement and facial expressions! Lucy makes a little entrance in the middle as she puts both legs into one pant hole!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow, Snow, & More Snow

The girls have had lots of fun in all the snow.

 First thing she did was throw herself down into the snow.

Crash landing!

 E really wanted a bird feeder in our yard so she could watch the birds. We quickly made one out of a milk jug and told her she could decorate it. She said it didn't need any decorations just bird feed. So it's a little funny looking but it does the trick!

 E found a big icicle

 She loves throwing the snow

 and eating it!

 Alex had some poor execution in laying down to make a snow angel. Lots of snow up his back!
Is it bad that I love his face in this picture!?!

 Lucy spotted a little ride on toy covered in the snow
 She did her best to try and ride it.