Thursday, December 12, 2013

Halloween & Thanksgiving

I am so behind, but we had a fun Halloween.....

E was a cowgirl for her preschool Halloween party/parade

 giving a hee-haw!

 Lucy coloring her pumpkin...
 carving pumpkins...

 E matching her pumpkins face...

 Lucy girl was a cat. It rained all Halloween

 She then was a whale for Trick or Treating in our neighborhood.

 Karate Whale?!

 Finished products. Alex's" Heisenpumpkin" was a hit with all the trick or treaters!

 Lucy was only interested in getting into the candy bowl.

 and giving herself more candy.

 Elsa's Loot.
Alex and Andrew braved the rain and took her all over the neighborhood. She was a lucky girl!

We went to Huntingdon over Thanksgiving. Sadly, I didn't take any picutres expect for at the Christmas Tree Farm. We had lots of fun visiting and took E to see her first ever movie in the theater. She just had to see Frozen since there was a Princess Elsa in the movie! 

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I love the heisenpumpkin! What cute girls. I keep meaning to go to frozen. I want to see it so bad!